Artifice #4

The Art of the Controlled Accident

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Artifice Poster Magazine is a portable art gallery. Each issue contains an exhibition of posters created by various contemporary artists. The concept is simple – the magazine functions exactly like an ordinary gallery where an exhibition is curated according to a specific theme. The difference is that the exhibition is not connected to a space and that the audience themselves decides where and how to display the art works. In the fourth edition of Artifice, we decided to just put things in motion, to see where they took us and leave the conceptual restriction of an overall theme behind. The artists represented in this issue thus have nothing in common other than that they have caught our attention along the way. We named the issue ”The Art of the Controlled Accident”. Artifice uses the poster as a medium. Throughout the ages, the poster has not only been a bearer of protest and messages but also a perfect mirror of their time. In the same way, we want to let Artifice become such a forum where art, in a more direct way, has the opportunity to criticize, comment and reflect our times.

Participating artists: Sara-Vide Ericson, Leif Elggren, Hope Gangloff, Albert Sjöstam, Ester Eriksson, Joakim Ojanen, Tschabalala Self, Edith Hammar, Sandra Mujinga, Slobodan Zivic and Catti Brandelius.
ISBN: 978-91-981874-3-4
Formgivare: Aron Kullander-Östling
Poster size: 50cm x 70cm, 35cm x 50cm
Printed in an edition of 300
Funded with support from Region Västra Götaland